Short introduction to the Satoyama Study Group
The Satoyama Study Group or simply “Satoyama Club” was founded in December 2012 (6.12.2012) as a forum for exchange, network and cooperation for topics related to Japan and “satoyama” in a broader sense (environmental issues, rural societies, resource management etc.). We realized that there are quite a number of people in Vienna/the Vienna area, who are involved or interested in these topics, and we think that these networks can be a very precious resource to exchange ideas (interdisciplinary), discuss various issues (e.g. up to date papers) and plan cooperation, projects or excursions. Everyone can participate in the Satoyama Club, we see the Club as an interest/study group (benkyō-kai 勉強会), beyond disciplinary boarders.

Current core members are (in alphabetical order):
Dr. Viktor Bruckman (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Dr. Pia Kieninger (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)
Dr. Isabelle Prochaska-Meyer (University of Vienna)
Dr. Johannes Wilhelm (University of Vienna)

Meetings so far:
Initiators of the first meeting were: Pia Kieninger (BOKU), Isabelle Prochaska and Johannes Wilhelm (both University of Vienna, Japanese Studies)
1.) Participants at the first meeting (6.12.2012, venue: Japanologie, Besprechungsraum) were: Dr. Kentaro Aoki (UNIDO), Dr. Meinhard Breiling (TU Wien), Dr. Viktor Bruckman, Dipl.-Ing. Andras Darabant (BOKU), Dr. Pia Kieninger, O.Univ.Prof. Dr. Sepp Linhart (University of Vienna, Japanese Studies), Dr. Isabelle Prochaska, MSc Naomi Shimpo (TU Wien/Tokyo University), Dipl.-Ing. Bojana Veselinovic (BOKU)

satoyama treffen - uni wien 01 satoyama treffen - uni wien 02 satoyama treffen - uni wien 00

2.) On March 13th 2013, we had our second Satoyama Club meeting with a presentation by Prof. Tomohiro Ichinose (Keio University) on: “Sustainable reconstruction of 3.11 disaster” (venue: BOKU, Seminarraum Botanik)

3.) Our third meeting occured in the Austrian Academy of Sciences on June 21, 2013.


4.) In January 24, 2014 we had our fourth meeting at the University of Vienna, Department of East Asian Studies.


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