Satoyama Club Meeting No.5

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March 19th, 2014. 16:30

@ Austrian Academy of Sciences / Interdisciplinary Ecological Studies

Toru TERADA, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo / Department of Natural Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Science)

Satoyama landscape – history, current researches, and biomass utilization

At the beginning of his presentation, Toru Terada differentiated between two common concepts of satoyama:

  1. satoyama in the meaning of coppiced forest
  2. satoyama in the meaning of the whole landscape (including crop field and housing area)

In his talk, Terada referred to the first definition of satoyama (= coppiced forest). In the academic literature, a certain “satoyama renaissance” can be observed, and there is an interesting shift of focus: whereas in the 1980ies, most satoyama studies focused on fauna & biota, in the 1990ies one of the keywords was citizen management. In the 2000s, there is a shift towards biomass in connection with satoyama-related literature.

Terada introduced activities of a citizen group in Funabashi City in Chiba Prefecture, which is entrusted with the maintenance of satoyama. Further, he presented the case study of Ina City in Nagano Prefecture, where biomass utilization – as “community energy resource” – is very high.


An abstract of a recent publication of Toru Terada can be seen here

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